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This is a very off-topic post, however if you have your own blog this may be extremely valuable to you. My blog has been advertised on numerous other sites bringing me hundreds of new visitors every day!

If you are not familiar with Entrecard it is one of the fastest growing traffic-building websites on the internet. Entrecard has only been around for about 3 months but has already surpassed 5,000 active users. These users visit other sites, drop their ’Entrecard’ and have their own blogs shown to thousands on the internet through their ads.

So, do you have a blog that need more readers (up to thousands) or are thinking about starting one? Here is the perfect opportunity to join Entrecard.

The Largest Entrecard Giveaway Ever

To celebrate reaching 5,000 readers, over 45,000 credits will be donated from current members! Only new members will be eligible to win. So what does 34,000 credits mean in Entrecard? It would take someone over 5 months to build up these kind of free advertising credits. Credits can then be used to advertise on other members websites for free!

Why are the sponsors giving away their credits? To encourage others to join Entrecard and get involved in the community. In order to win you need to sign up with Entrecard and then leave a comment with your Entrecard username below to win. Every time you leave a comment on a hosting blog you will receive an entry into the contest.

The host list is at the bottom of this post. Click on each one, comment, leave your entrecard name and you have an entry!

Contest details:

  • You can get one contest entry per comment on any of the hosting blogs. Make sure you mention your Entrecard username.
  • 34,000 credits will be given to the first place user (randomly chosen).
  • 2nd place winners will be given prizes within each Entrecard category.

This really is a great opportunity to gain exposure for your blog or make new friends. Entrecard is a unique and free advertising resource that promotes camraderie among users. So what are you waiting for, sign up today!

Any host that has created a contest post will be designated with the text: *Contest Up*

Blogging Resources: (Host, Donation received) - 1000 *Contest Up*

MeAndMyDrum (Host, Donation received) - 1000

  • Business

    ReapMoneyOnline (Host, Donation received) - 1000 *Contest Up*

    Career Jobs:

    Bloggin-Ads (Host) - 504 (168 * 3 people, for "prosperity")

  • Computers and Internet:

    Orangeinks - 1000

    My Entrecard Credit Store @ (Donation received) - 1000

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    aAkaR said...

    yes,Entrecard is helpful.

    badri said...

    thanx you for posting useful information about Entercard...

    nabink said...


    basanta said...

    Thank you for the information Sameer bro.

    rizal said...

    so, how is your share with entrecad? I ve had my good share. right now, i am trying to downsize my credits. hehe. the lower my credits for advertising, the higher advert request i get. funny heh? :)

    Saph said...

    Hi, do I post here to enter your contest?? My site is

    ~Miranda~ said...

    Hey there! Thanks for hosting the contest, I'm MommyMe over at entrecard

    PT said...

    Great blog. Here’s my EC info…just joined.

    Sameer said...

    Thanks for reading my blog, I am quite busy in my college exams so can’t able to check and update blog, so sorry for late reply.

    Aakar, badri, nabink, basanta; Thanks for reading the information, now it’s the right time to join Entrecard because its community is growing fast and you can take part in huge giveway contest and chances of win credits. This is very useful to expose your blog and getting decent traffic.

    Rizal: ya I am enjoying with Entrecard, I also have some credits humm…. not much because I used them in advertising but I have sufficient credit to advertise on you blog hahahaha…

    Saph: Sure you can take part in this contest. Just post here your Entrecard info or url:
    (like: Here you entrecard user number.)

    Miranda: MommyMe you are selected to take part in contest, cheers and best off luck!

    Pt: thanks for comment, you also selected in contest. Cheers and best off luck!

    Saph said...

    Hi again! My entrecard link is


    elezend said...

    My site:

    Jodith said...

    Hi, I'm new to Entrecard. I signed up when I saw one of these contests on a blog I visit regularly. I've had a blast so far and I've seen a pick up in my site traffic already.

    Anyway, I'm in for the contest!

    Reena said...

    Hi sameer, i just joined also

    The traffic increased unbelievably.

    Drop a card in your your site too..
    Thanks for visiting my site

    mangosteenskin said...

    helo some time to drop by here. hope u r fine, and having a nice weekend. :)

    nisha said...

    Hi sameer..thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog.. am so glad to be here, as your blog is lovely. you should of asked me to sign up for entercard. na:) i dont know if i can sign up n stuff so please guide me ok? btw nice info out here.. kep it up!

    have a nice day:)

    OLD BITTY said...

    tossing my bloomers in the ring to enter the contest, new started 3/18/08,

    nona said...

    Hi sameer, thanks for this entrecard info. Your site is very useful.
    By the way, thank you for visiting my blog and for a nice comment. :)

    Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal said...

    Sounds good

    Roy L. Besiera said...

    Hi im glad you have contest like this one to help out the newby like me :p

    this is my entrecard link

    JoLynn Braley said...

    Please count me in, I'm new to Entrecard too - thanks a lot! :)

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