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Vizion + (Plus) is a private television station founded in 1999 and is one of the most watched television stations in the country. Its most popular shows are Përrallë me Mbret, Elephant Show with the best youth presenters TV ever seen, Zip, Quiz Plus, Metropolitan Show, Femrat, SOS, Çudira Shqiptare, Njerëz të Humbur, Bypass Show, Moto + etc. Recently Vizion Plus bought the rights to Zonë e Lirë, considered as the highest rated talk show hosted by a former news editor, Arjan Çani. Vizion Plus collaborates with the most famous film studios, Sony Pictures Universal & Paramount Picture. In the end of 2007, it handed to KKRT an application to becoming the third national privately owned TV station in Albania, but its application was turned down.

Watch Online Vizion Plus TV Channel

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