Yoga for Vertebral Column-Spinal Cord - Baba Ramdev's Video in English

Yoga for Vertebral Column-Spinal Cord video features Yoga for the spine. The pituitary gland has been upheld as the seat of the consciousness for ages by both scientists and spiritualists. A seat that is responsible for the healthy and divine thought process, this gland is often affected by the disorders of the spine.

Similarly, the brain controls all the activities of the human body. Our desires to eat, think, feel, touch, work etc are ruled by the sensations transmitted through the spine to the brain. Therefore, it is very important for the spine to be in perfect working condition for the entire body to function properly. A complete guide to the various yoga asanas, acupressure, breathing exercises, nutritional specifications and home remedies for the spine is featured in detail in this video.

Yoga for Vertebral Column-Spinal Cord Video

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