Download Scientific Linux 6.2 operating system

Pat Riehecky proudly announced last night, February 15th, the immediate availability for download of the Scientific Linux 6.2 operating system.

Being based on the Red Hat Linux Enterprise 6.2, the Scientific Linux 6.2 distribution contains all the upstream goodies, as well as lots of in-house updates and improvements.

Among the updated/added packages in Scientific Linux 6.2 we can mention Anaconda, OpenAFS, livecd-tools, liveusb-creator, sl-release, yum-autoupdate, external repositories for yum, mingw32, hivex and openmpl-psm. Take a look below to see what exactly was changed in each one!

Scientific Linux 6.2 operating system

Highlights of Scientific Linux 6.2:

· Added the Scientific Linux install classes to Anaconda installer;

· Installations from DVD images don't ask for a network connection unless needed;

· Updated OpenAFS to version 1.6.0-97.z2.sl6;

· Patched OpenAFS to disable NAT pings in order to avoid a race condition;

· Updated livecd-tools and liveusb-creator to version 13.4;

· Added support for Scientific Linux 6.2 in livecd-tools and liveusb-creator tools;

· Troy Dawson's GPG key was removed from sl-release;

· CERN's GPG key was added in sl-release;

· Added the POSTRUN and PRERUN in yum-autoupdate for more flexibility;

· yum-fastestmirror is now required for yum-conf-* packages;

· New 64-bit Adobe repository is now available in the External Repositories for yum;

· The mingw32, openmpi-psm and hivex packages were removed from the i386 tree as they don't belong in there.

The following packages were changed in Scientific Linux 6.2 comapred with RHEL 6.2: Apache, Plymouth, RedHat-Logos, SL-Bookmarks, SL-IndexHTML, SL-Release, SL-Release-Notes, Anaconda, and RedHat-RPM-Config.

For the detailed changelog with the full list of updated packages, removed packages, bug fixes and know limitations, please have a look at the official release notes.

About Scientific Linux

Scientific Linux is a distribution put together by miscellaneous universities and labs around the world. It was created to reduce the duplicated effort of the labs and as an install base for the numerous experimenters. Scientific Linux is actually an Enterprise Linux, built from sources of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 series.

Download Scientific Linux 6.2

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