Who Really Uses LinkedIn? Infographic

Business Insider has created interesting infographich about LinkedIn with the help of statistics provided by Zoomsphere.

Who really uses LinkedIn? infographich shows: The United States boasts the most users with over 61 million to its name, followed in a distant second by India, with 14 million. The United Kingdom (8.9 million), Brazil (7.6 Million), Canada (5.5 million), and France (3.5 million) round out the other top slots. Within the US, the New England states claim the most followers. California and Texas complete the top of the list.

Consisting of working professionals, users of the site tend to be between 35-54 in age. Large companies, with over 10,000 employees, grab 58% of the pie when broken down by company size. By industry, higher education takes the biggest chunk with 18.7%, but these figures seem to be more evenly distributed, with Insurance (13.9%) and Financial Services (11.8%) round off the top three.

The majority of the top followed companies are IT-related. IBM (589,828 people), Hewlett-Packard (442,815), Microsoft (424,204) make up the top three.
LinkedIn Infographic

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