Optical Illusions :

Some of the nice optical illusions:

1) Disappearing Dots:- Stare at the center long enough and the dots will disappear!

2) Impossible Triangle:- Geometry optical illusion. This is an impossible triangle.

3) Color Illusions:- Try to say the color and not the word.

4) Move away from the center:- If you move away from the center you can see the circle start to move.

5) All three figures are the same size:- This is a pretty cool illusion. All the figures are actually the same size.

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Sweet Mummy said...

I love optical illusions!

hAiLiE said...

Hailie here, blog-hopping.

I love optical illusions, too! But for the first one, I don't know if I haven't stared at the center long enough but what I see are green dots and not the purple ones disappearing. LOL. XD

Sameer said...

Sweet mummy: Thanks for the comment and u r my first who comment me first .thanks once again for and hope u will regular visit this blog.

hailie: thanks for comments, i also like optical illusions, in my case when in first one, after nearly 10 sec. when i concentrate on center than purple dots are starts to disappearing.....

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