Thought for everday !

  • Talk -------->> Softly
  • Walk-------->> Humbly
  • Eat---------->> Sensibly
  • Act ---------->> Fearlessly
  • Work-------->> Patiently
  • Think------->> Truthfully
  • Believe ----->> Correctly
  • Behave ----->> Decently
  • Learn ------->> Orderly
  • Earn -------->> Honestly
  • Save --------->> Regularly
  • Spend ------->> Intelligently
  • Love --------->> Passionately
  • Enjoy ------->> Completely
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    aAkaR said...

    oh ! yeah, if it is done------then we don't have to worry...but it's difficult....hehe

    Heather in Beautiful BC said...

    Okay, you are now on my Postie Entrecard List! Drop me your card :)

    waliz said...

    thats easy except spend intelligently....hahaha!

    ametya said...

    are you obeying these ????

    Sameer said...

    Aakar: you are right, but nothing is difficult, because impossible it self say I M Possible.
    Heather in beautiful bc: thanks for including me in your list!
    Waliz: hahaha it’s difficult to girls, because they like lots of shopping!
    Ametya: I am trying to follow this …hahaha!

    rizal said...

    love these words connection..

    they are great.. simple wisdom i must say..

    cheers.. and heppi blogging yaaa..

    aAkaR said...

    sameer ji, can i get ur xml of this template and also the url link for it . I like this theme very much .... mostly provide me that url link frm where u've got this.... email me hai.

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