World's Tallest House of Cards

This World's Tallest House of Cards is made my Bryan Berg, A self-taught artist; Berg uses no tape, glue, or other tricks in his work. With 1,800 decks of freestanding playing cards, some scaffolding, and a hole in the ceiling, he worked for five weeks to complete the 25 foot, 9.5 inch tower- limited only by the height of the building he was working in and time. Even the artist was surprised at how strong his huge construction turned out to be, when a leaf blower shorted out during the knockdown and he was forced to take a "Godzilla" approach and destroy the tower by hand.

This is the third time Berg has been commissioned to break his own world record, the first of which he set in 1992 at the age of 17. He has held the record continuously ever since, and has also been commissioned to pioneer a brand new record category, World's Largest House of Freestanding Cards, which he completed at Walt Disney World in 2004. It was a replica of Cinderella's castle which was 14 feet square, 14 feet tall, and 400 pounds.


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rizal said...

wow.. that card structures are sure something to be awe about. huhu..

how are you btw..sorru in has been a while though.. :)

hannah fanna said...

That is so cool!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Wow, that is really amazing . . unbelievable!!! I have a hard time getting just two little levels to stay up!

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