birth of chicken

Here is a photos of birth of chicken in step by step process:

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Jasmine Shanea said...

Okay I officially lost my appetite for lunch. Is the chick on the last picture the one that you've documented throughout the process? Doesn't really look like it. Wonders how a chick can survive without the shell for so long! I always thought the shell was the most important part of the process.

deepa said...

AH!!! Well I love to eat egg and chicken but after see this I don’t no I able to eat egg any more.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the visual. Now I don't want to eat eggs...Yuk.

ps. It was cool though.

Anonymous said...

This was definitely not a single chick throughout the process but a series of eggs hatched at different incubation times. A chicken embryo cannot survive outside the protective shell for long - especially when the yolk sac is broken as it has been in the third pic. There is a technique called de ovo wherein they crack a later stage embryo into saran wrap suspended in a plastic cup. You add in crushed eggshell for the calcium content needed for normal development and hopefully the chick can last for a week or more. I have never seen one survive to completion using this method but there may be other labs that do survival studies.

~UMass Grad.

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