Euro 2008 Romania Vs France Highlights video

The opening match of the Group C was probably the poorest match of the tournament until this moment. Romania preferred to defend themselves for 90 minutes, while France where not able to send the ball into the net and did not even create themselves to many scoring opportunities.

With Anelka in the role as the worst player of the squad France missed its biggest scoring chance in the 33rd minute as Chelsea’s striker managed to head the ball over the crossbar from 7 meters. With a Romanian side defending with all its players in their own half the second and last major scoring chance for France was registered in the second half. Benzema sent a poor shot from a favorable position after a nice combination.

The Romanian side did not register any major scoring opportunity. They just relied on a few corner kicks and some free kick crosses, but this was to little to score a goal. Watch the most important scoring opportunities in the next videos.

Romania 0 - 0 France

Match Stats:
shots on target : 0 - 1
shots off target : 4 - 8
possession (%) : 46 - 54
corner kicks : 3 - 3
offsides : 1 - 1
fouls : 18 - 21
yellow cards : 3 - 1
red cards : 0 - 0

Referee: Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez (Spain)
Attendance: 30,585

First Half Highlights

Second Half Highlights

9′ Benzema misses the first chance for France.

33′ Anelka has the biggest miss of the match for France.

49′ Malouda has a nice run finished with a shot.

57′ Benzema has another shot for France.


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adi Romanian said...

first of all, thanx a lot for sharing the match coverages!!! sec of all, I'm Romanian, and this tournament we'll play it ONLY FOR THE RESULT!! cuz we played like romantic poets before (in the 90s) and it didn't take us further than quarterfinals. So, for us it doesn't matter anymore if we get voted the ugliest team at Euro2008, at least we'll qualify to the semis DEFENDING VERY WELL!!!

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