Usain Bolt breaks 200m world record video

Jamaican Usain Bolt won the 200m at Beijing 2008, smashed world record set by Michael Johnson by just two hundredths.
The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, just broke the world record of 200 meter at Beijing 2008 Olympic men’s 200m final. He clocked a stunning 19:30 seconds, which has outrun Michael Johnson’s old world record by 0.02 seconds (old WR is 19.32 seconds, by Michael Johnson of United States).

Usain Bolt also broke the 100 meterworld record to 9.69 seconds with his blowout Olympic victory Saturday. Usain Bolt definitely deserves to be crowned as the world’s fastest man. Who else if it’s not him. Now he’s the world record holder for both the men’s 100 meter (9.69 seconds) and 200 meter (19.30 seconds) race.

At Beijing Olympic, he won the two races with stunning great distance. While he was finishing the 100 meter race on Saturday, he was reportedly having his shoelace loosen during the last 20 meters. Meaning that if it was not because of the shoe lace, he could have run faster. And perhaps he could have run below 19:50 seconds.

The previous 200-meter world record of 19.32 seconds was set by Michael Johnson at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, which was record that everyone felt that at that time it was like unbreakable. Of course, no one knew at the time about a 9-year-old Jamaican named Usain Bolt.

He’s also the first athlete to win both the 100 and the 200 since Carl Lewis in 1984. The world’s fastest man, now only 21-year old, and the two races he won with great distances. Well, who else could beat him in the next few years? He’d have more world records to break.
Usain Bolt World Record 19:30 secs Gold in 200m video

All-time 200m times

19.30 secs Usain Bolt (Jam) Beijing August 20 2008

19.32 Michael Johnson (USA) Atlanta August 1 1996

19.62 Tyson Gay (USA) Indianaolis June 24 2007

19.63 Xavier Cater (USA) Lausanne July 11 2006

19.65 Wallace Spearmon Daegu Sept 28 2006

19.67 Usain Bolt (Jam) Athens July 13 2008

19.68 Frankie Fredericks (Nam) Atlanta August 1 1996

19.69 Walter Dix (USA) Gainesville May 26 2007

19.72 Pietro Mennea (USA) Mexico City Sept 12 1979

19.73 Mike Marsh (USA) Barcelona August 5 1992

19.75 Carl Lewis (USA) Indianapolis June 19 1893

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Pietro Mennea is italian

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"Pietro Paolo Mennea (born June 28, 1952) is an Italian former sprinter and politician, who was the 1980 Moscow Olympic 200 metre Champion, and also held the 200 m world record for 17 years."
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