Google+ has more than 90 million registered users

Google's social network has climbed from 40 million users as of last October to 90 million; the news was posted on Google+ by Larry Page, Google's CEO.

He shared the information as part of other news tied to Google's fourth-quarter earnings report. Google+ seems to be one of the tech giant's bright spots for that quarter, with revenue and earnings underperforming.

Google CEO Larry Page Google+ Profile
Not only are the number of users "well over double what I announced just a quarter ago," but "engagement" — how much and how often users are on Google+  "is also growing tremendously," he said. More than 60 percent of users are on Google+ daily, and more than 80 percent weekly.

Page also said "With Google+, we’ve shipped on average a new feature every day since we launched in June. That’s more than 200 updates in total," including new features for Hangout, Circles and for business, +Pages.

Analysts say Google+ was built specifically to challenge Facebook's growing dominance on the Web. Google and Facebook generally do not collaborate. Another rival social network, Twitter, complained that the recent changes to Google search favor Google+ and harm Twitter's ranking on results pages.

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