Beijing National Stadium "Bird's Nest"

Beijing National Stadium facts:
Stadium Name: Beijing National Stadium
Address: Beijing National Stadium, Olympic Green, China
Built: 2007
Capacity: 91,000
Gross floor area: 2,58,000 m2
Structure: 36 km of unwrapped steel length
Height: 69.2 m above pitch level
Designer: Jaques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron along with Arup Sport and China Architecture Design & Research Group

The National Stadium (Olympic Green) is better known as Beijing National Stadium. The stadium is also known as the "Bird's Nest" due to it's amazing design. This National Stadium, Beijing, is the main track and field stadium for the Beijing Summer Games 2008. This stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the twenty-ninth Summer Games. The stadium will be the venue of the athletics and football events during the Games. The National Stadium is being built at the intended location of the Guangdong Olympic Stadium. The stadium meets all the functional and technical requirements of an Olympic National Stadium.

Location of the Beijing National Stadium: The stadium is located at the Olympic Green in Beijing in the Chaoyang district. BaDaLing and JuYongGuan wall are the nearest part of the Great Wall of China from Beijing. Kempinski Beijing Lufthansa Center, Marriott Beijing Executive Apartments, Renaissance Beijing Hotel, Comfort Inn & Suites, Hotel Kunlun, Beijing Jing Gang Wan Hotel, Beijing Hua Tai Hotel are some hotels near the Beijing National Stadium in the Chaoyang district.

Description of the Beijing National Stadium: In 2002, Beijing Government officials held a design competition for architects all over the world to design the stadium for Summer Games 2008. Pritzker Prize winning architects Jaques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron in alliance with Arup Sport and China Architecture Design & Research Group won the competition. The construction of the stadium started in March, 2004 and is almost ready for hosting the Summer Games. The estimated cost in building this National Olympic Stadium comes to be around $500,000,000.

The Beijing National Stadium has a synergistic appearance. The superstructure has been made following the model designed. The only alteration is the omission of the roof in the new design. The structure of the stadium is built with 36 kilometer of unwrapped steel. The huge steel beams mutually support each other and converge into a grid-like formation. The formation looks like a bird's nest with the interwoven twigs. For this reason, the Beijing National Stadium is also known as the ‘Bird's Nest'. The stadium, in every sense, is the historical landmark for the Summer Games of 2008. The lobby of the stadium includes all the facilities – restaurants, suites, shops and restrooms. All these facilities are self-contained units in the stadium. The lobby functions like an arcade. The stands are divided in three tiers. The spacious ambulatory circles the stands.

Area and Capacity of the Beijing National Stadium: The Beijing National Stadium has a length of 330 meters, with the width of 220 meters. Height of the stadium is 69.2 meters above the pitch level. The gross floor area covered by the stadium will be 258,000 square meters. The capacity of the Beijing National Stadium is of 91,000 spectators during the Summer Games. However, after the games, the capacity will be reduced to 80,000 spectators. It is believed to be the world's largest enclosed space.

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