National Indoor Stadium

Venue: National Indoor Stadium
Location: Olympic Green
Total land surface: 80,900 sq m
Competitions: Artistic Gymnastics, Trampolines, and Handball
Post-Games use: The venue, one of the best sports facilities in Beijing, can be used for sports competition, cultural and entertaining purposes, and will serve as a multi-functional exercise center for local residents.
Groundbreaking date: May 28, 2005
The National Indoor Stadium will be the venue for handball, artistic gymnastics and trampoline during the 2008 Summer Games.
The National Indoor Stadium is one of the 31 venues that will be used during the 2008 Beijing Summer Games. This state-of-the-art venue will play host to Artistic Gymnastics, Trampolines and Handball events. The National Indoor Stadium of Beijing will hold the Wheelchair Basketball event of the Paralympics, to be held immediately after the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The National Indoor Stadium in Beijing is built over an area of 80,900 square meters and is located inside the Olympic Green zone. Construction began on this stadium on 28th May 2005 and was completed in October 2007. Handball will be held from 9th-24th August, Artistic Gymnastics from 9th-19th August while Trampoline will be held from 16th-19th August.

The National Indoor Stadium, Beijing has a capacity of 20,000 spectators, which is the biggest for any indoor stadiums in China. The steel roof truss of double bowstring is one of the characteristic features of this stadium. The National Indoor Stadium boasts of having the biggest span of steel truss in the world. The stadium also has solar generating, natural lighting and steel scoria backfilling.

Once the 2008 Summer Games gets over, the National Indoor Stadium in Beijing will be used for other purposes like cultural and entertainment programs as well as sporting competitions.

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