New Scams: Click Speed Tests on Facebook

It seems that scammers are not content with the fact that each Facebook customer that falls for their schemes only clicks on one Like button. Now, they’ve come up with a new way of tricking users into clicking on a large number of Likes without giving it much thought.

Bitdefender experts provide the details regarding a couple of such scams.

Who is Fake in your Profile? Facebook Scam
The first one starts with a classic “Who is Fake in Your Profile” post which promises to inform users if their Facebook friends are real or if they’re simply some fake profiles made by someone with the intent of duping them.

“Having friends that you’ve known since you were little :] Wtf! My 29 Friends are fake :( They make me fool by making fake ids :/ you can also find who is fake on your Profile by using This --> [LINK],” reads a variant of the shady message.

Once the link is clicked, the unsuspecting victim is taken to a page the promises to reveal fake profiles, but not before the user passes a "security test." The security test consists of 77 Like buttons that must be clicked in 60 seconds in order for it to be completed successfully.

Of course, this has nothing to do with a security test, instead the fraudsters dupe the Facebook member into blindly approving 77 pages that probably advertise more malicious schemes.

Another variant of this scheme simply dares Facebook customers to test their “click speed” to find out if they’re fast enough. While this may seem fun, in reality the little game is designed with the same purpose as the previous one and users may find themselves subscribed to a large number of pages that keep spamming them with shady advertisements and fake prizes.

This is why it’s important to treat even apparently harmless applications with caution, since you may never know what hides behind a simple Like button.
@By Eduard Kovacs

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