Striking Images: Ants making a journey across a water

This set of striking images show the difficulties faced by a group tiny ants who are making a journey across a small stretch of water.  The river reflects their bright orange bodies in a stunning mirror image as they make their way from one stone to another.

In one photo the first pioneering ant stretches out almost his entire body length to reach the other side. Another shot shows one rescuing his friend from a watery grave.  A third shot shows an ant as he appears to be peacefully taking a drink from the river.

Photo: The three ants after making it to the other side
Image: Stretch! An ant reaches out for the other side
Picture: An ant helps his friend across
Image: One of the ants stops to take a drink water.

Photographer Vincentius Ferdinand, 39, captured these amazing pictures the insects in Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia, in December.  'These pictures were taken near to where I live,' he said.  'I have always been interested in ants because I find their behaviour so fascinating.

The way they can all work together to produce a force for the good of the colony is inspiring.  'I started photographing them back in 2009. I enjoy macro photography and these snaps are among my favourite because the colours are so interesting. 'I think the orange of ant looks stunning against the grey and green background.

'I also like the way the picture is reflected in the water below. I think this certainly adds a different dimension and I always find that I feel more tranquil when I look at the images. Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth.

The only places lacking indigenous ants are Antarctica and a few remote or inhospitable islands. Their success in so many environments has been attributed to their social organisation and their ability to modify habitats, tap resources, and defend themselves.

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