Google+ social network has added a new feature: Hides Spam Comments

The Google+ social network has added a new feature that helps remove spam comments from your posts so you don’t have to read them or deal with them. Since Google+ launched any spam comments left on the public posts simply been grayed out leaving you to delete them or hide them. A new update makes dealing with that spam much easier.

"We're always working to make Google+ a great place for quality conversations. In fact, we aggressively detect and remove comment spam before it even appears in the stream," Google's Nandini Kappiah wrote.

"As a post owner, you could have seen these grayed out comments inline and restored them as appropriate. But today we're making some visual changes that clean up your view of your content," she added.
Google+ Show comments removed as spam

Any spam detection mechanism suffers from two big problems, spam sometimes makes it through and content that isn't spam is sometimes labeled as such. Both can be a problem, but it's sometimes better to err on the side of caution.

This is why Google+ doesn't delete spam comments outright, rather it gives authors a chance to review the comments and see if they really are spam.

Until now, spam comments were removed from the regular comment stream, but authors still saw them grayed out. For a particularly popular post, always a target for spammers, even this could be distracting and made authors unable to follow the conversation.

Which is why Google is now grouping all spam comments and removing them altogether, but allowing authors to see them if they want to by clicking on the link titled "Show comments removed as spam."

The move may mean that more legitimate comments will be removed by Google+'s anti-spam system without authors finding them, but it will also make for a better experience for most people.


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