Beware while using computers

Sitting at the computer all day is not exactly good for the body. If we have to be at a desk all day long, doing some simple things can improve our health and posture. Here are the some of the tips and photos which are useful:

1. Sit properly in a good chair designed for desk work. Your back should be straight, shoulders back, and the top of your monitor should be level with your eyes. If you have to look down or up, you need to adjust the height of your screen. Set your chair back rest at an angle that is wider than 90°.

2. Maintain an ergonomic body posture while typing. Be sure your wrists are slightly lower than your elbows. This will help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Keep your legs bent at the knees so that the knees are only slightly higher than your hips. Feet should be flat on the floor or on a step stool of some sort.

3. Don't neglect the health of your eyes! It is detrimental to your eyesight to focus at one thing for long periods of time (i.e. your monitor) so take breaks to look out the window and focus at something at a further distance away to maintain good ocular health. Also consider purchasing an LCD screen which is easier on the eyes. If you are at your computer screen for long periods of time, optometrists recommend following the "20-20-20" rule--For every 20 minutes spent focusing on your computer screen, spend 20 seconds focusing on something else 20 feet away.

4. Stand up every half hour to stretch or walk around a bit.

5. Stretch your calves and give your eyes a break from focusing on your computer screen. This will also help prevent blood clots from developing in your legs. Blood clots are very common among middle-aged computer users.

6. To stretch your neck, flex your head forward/backward, side to side and look right and left. Never roll your head around your neck. This could cause damage to the joints of the neck.

7. Roll your wrists regularly (this will help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome if you spend a lot of time typing).

8. Notice if you tend to hunch in front of the keyboard. To counter that, perform the following exercise: open your arms wide as if you are going to hug someone, rotate your wrists externally (thumbs going up and back) and pull your shoulders back. This stretch is moving your body the opposite way to being hunched and you should feel a good stretch across your upper chest.

9. Stretch your arms, legs, neck and torso while sitting. This will help prevent you from feeling stiff.

10. Take a few deep breaths. If possible, get some fresh air in your lungs.

11. Have a bottle of water by your side and make a habit of drinking some every half hour. If you do this consistently you will begin to feel more alert and in the long run you will get thinner.

12. Don't sit still. Fidgeting is a good way to keep moving. Even something like tapping your foot. But don't make too much noise--however you fidget, the repetitive noises may bother other people.

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Ana said...

This was a most interesting post. I am just not sure if I could manage to take care about all that while being busy with work.

ametya said...

wow nice post samir..really...dui char din net sanga k bidabari mageko ta yaha ta article ko badi nai aayecha ha..ha..aba yo chindai nachineko ktm ma kaha bata computer resource paunu..well keep writting these kind of post which r reallly informative..

Michael de`Oz said...

very helpful

Anonymous said...

WEeeeW... thanks for the tips Sameer :) i never realize my posture are all wrong, no wonder i always asking someone to give me a massage after works, this is why...

vickie said...

urgh... then im one of the person who use the wrong way to sit properly and using the wrong style to type...

TIBET ARTS said...

Thanks For Information .
I am using totally wrong position.
I must improve.

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