2010 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule and Time

This is a chronological list of fixtures for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. All times local (UTC+2).

2010 World Cup schedule and match time
Day Venue & Time Stage Team 1 Result Team 2
Friday11 June Johannesburg (SC), 16:00 Group A South Africa Mexico
Cape Town, 20:30 Uruguay France
Saturday12 June Port Elizabeth, 13:30 Group B Korea Republic Greece
Johannesburg (Ellis), 16:00 Argentina Nigeria
Rustenburg, 20:30 Group C England United States
Sunday13 June Polokwane, 13:30 Algeria Slovenia
Pretoria, 16:00 Group D Serbia Ghana
Durban, 20:30 Germany Australia
Monday14 June Johannesburg (SC), 13:30 Group E Netherlands Denmark
Bloemfontein, 16:00 Japan Cameroon
Cape Town, 20:30 Group F Italy Paraguay
Tuesday15 June Rustenburg, 13:30 New Zealand Slovakia
Port Elizabeth, 16:00 Group G Côte d’Ivoire Portugal
Johannesburg (Ellis), 20:30 Brazil Korea DPR
Wednesday16 June Nelspruit, 13:30 Group H Honduras Chile
Durban, 16:00 Spain Switzerland
Pretoria, 20:30 Group A South Africa Uruguay
Thursday17 June Johannesburg (SC), 13:30 Group B Argentina Korea Republic
Bloemfontein, 16:00 Greece Nigeria
Polokwane, 20:30 Group A France Mexico
Friday18 June Port Elizabeth, 13:30 Group D Germany Serbia
Johannesburg (Ellis), 16:00 Group C Slovenia United States
Cape Town, 20:30 England Algeria
Saturday19 June Durban, 13:30 Group E Netherlands Japan
Rustenburg, 16:00 Group D Ghana Australia
Pretoria, 20:30 Group E Cameroon Denmark
Sunday20 June Bloemfontein, 13:30 Group F Slovakia Paraguay
Nelspruit, 16:00 Italy New Zealand
Johannesburg (SC), 20:30 Group G Brazil Côte d’Ivoire
Monday21 June Cape Town, 13:30 Portugal Korea DPR
Port Elizabeth, 16:00 Group H Chile Switzerland
Johannesburg (Ellis), 20:30 Spain Honduras
Tuesday22 June Rustenburg, 16:00 Group A Mexico Uruguay
Bloemfontein, 16:00 France South Africa
Durban, 20:30 Group B Nigeria Korea Republic
Polokwane, 20:30 Greece Argentina
Wednesday23 June Port Elizabeth, 16:00 Group C Slovenia England
Pretoria, 16:00 United States Algeria
Johannesburg (SC), 20:30 Group D Ghana Germany
Nelspruit, 20:30 Australia Serbia
Thursday24 June Johannesburg (Ellis), 16:00 Group F Slovakia Italy
Polokwane, 16:00 Paraguay New Zealand
Rustenburg, 20:30 Group E Denmark Japan
Cape Town, 20:30 Cameroon Netherlands
Friday25 June Durban, 16:00 Group G Portugal Brazil
Nelspruit, 16:00 Korea DPR Côte d’Ivoire
Pretoria, 20:30 Group H Chile Spain
Bloemfontein, 20:30 Switzerland Honduras
Saturday26 June Port Elizabeth, 16:00 Round of 16 – Match 1 1A 2B
Rustenburg, 20:30 Round of 16 – Match 3 1C 2D
Sunday27 June Bloemfontein, 16:00 Round of 16 – Match 4 1D 2C
Johannesburg (SC), 20:30 Round of 16 – Match 2 1B 2A
Monday28 June Durban, 16:00 Round of 16 – Match 5 1E 2F
Johannesburg (Ellis), 20:30 Round of 16 – Match 7 1G 2H
Tuesday29 June Pretoria, 16:00 Round of 16 – Match 6 1F 2E
Cape Town, 20:30 Round of 16 – Match 8 1H 2G
Wednesday30 June Rest days
Thursday1 July
Friday2 July Port Elizabeth, 16:00 Quarterfinal C 5 7
Johannesburg (SC), 20:30 Quarterfinal A 1 3
Saturday3 July Cape Town, 16:00 Quarterfinal B 2 4
Johannesburg (Ellis), 20:30 Quarterfinal D 6 8
Sunday4 July Rest days
Monday5 July
Tuesday6 July Cape Town, 20:30 Semifinal I A C
Wednesday7 July Durban, 20:30 Semifinal II B D
Thursday8 July Rest days
Friday9 July
Saturday10 July Port Elizabeth, 20:30 Third Place play-off Loser I Loser II
Sunday11 July Johannesburg (SC), 20:30 Final> Winner I Winner II

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